Q1. What should I do when I receive a new laptop battery?

A1: When you use the new battery at the first time, please discharge the battery to 5% of the full charger then charger it to 100%. Please repeat this process by three times at least.

Please do not discharge the battery to 0%, as that will damage the battery pack and shorten it's life.

The battery must be charged up to 70% for longtime storage out of the Laptop.

The mismatch of the adapter or the adapter that has been used over longtime may cause the battery not to be charged , because of the inefficiency output of the adapter is not sufficient.

Please check your adapter firstly for the charging problems of the battery.

Please never take out the battery from laptop when it is being charged or discharged.


Q2: What's the reason why Dell notebook battery doesn't charge and how to repair it?

A2: Power on and press f2k to check whether the AC adapter is unknown or power (90W 65W). If it is unknown, there is something wrong with your power adapter. Check whether the pin of the plug is damaged. If not, check whether it is not tightly inserted. Or remove the battery, unplug the power supply and discharge. If not, send it for repair.

Some laptops, such as Acer, have power management. You can set the charging time, such as the battery charge is less than 30% to start charging. See if your laptop also has this function (in power management). If so, just set it.

If not, remove the power supply and use only the battery. If the battery is low, it can be charged. If it is charged normally, it means no problem. If the battery is still not charged, check whether the battery is damaged.

Dell notebook battery repair method

1. The battery has been repeatedly installed for several times, but it still can't be turned on

Reason: this may be caused by the poor installation of the battery, or the battery has not been used for a long time. Of course, if the battery is protected by deep discharge, it will naturally cause the power failure.

Solution: first check whether the connection between the computer interface and the battery interface is correct, then install the battery and charge it with the adapter for a while. At this time, disconnect the adapter when it is turned off and turn it on again to see if it can run. If not, you can only replace the battery or send the computer to Dell's local after-sales service.

2. The battery has not been used for a period of time. When it is used again, the power is reduced or out of power

Reason: it may be that the battery was not fully charged before, which resulted in the gradual loss of power due to the small amount of power. It may also be that the battery was stored in a bad environment, which resulted in the natural loss of power. Another reason is that it was not used for a long time, so there was no scheduled deep discharge protection for the battery.

Solution: the battery can be used when it is full of 100% power, if not, only one battery can be replaced.

3. The battery shows that the charging has been completed (100%), but after the AC power is disconnected, the battery can not supply power normally, resulting in the computer crash

Cause: it may be that the ambient temperature of the battery is too high, which will lead to the self-protection of the battery overheating. It may also be that there are some problems in the charging process of the battery, which leads to the distortion of the power display.

Solution: turn off the computer, take out the battery, and then use it at normal temperature. This overheat protection can be automatically restored. If there is a problem in the charging process, then you should use the original battery to test in the same environment. If there is no similar problem, then there is a problem with the battery and you need to contact the after-sales service.


Q3:  Why can't my notebook detect battery?

A3: 1. First of all, check whether the notebook battery setting has disabled the battery charging. In addition, some notebook battery management software also has the disabled charging function. You can check it;

2. It may also be that the laptop not been used for a long time, which leads to poor contact. It is suggested to open the notebook to clean the dust, plug in the power cord and battery, which may also solve the problem.

3. If there is no problem with the check settings, most of the problems are the internal control circuit or battery cell of the notebook system, which need to be repaired.

4. When some notebook batteries have been used for a long time and are over discharged, it will appear that 0% of the available power supply has been turned on but not charged. If they are taken for maintenance later, even if they are repaired, they will have short life and endurance. It is better to buy a new notebook battery and replace it.